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The Disney Store is an international chain of specialty stores selling only Disney related items, many of them exclusive, under its own name and Disney Outlet. Disney Store is a business unit of Disney Consumer Products with the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products segment of The Walt Disney Company conglomerate.

A former Leadership Cast Member wrote a review for INDEED in which he described his time at Disney Store as: Not as magical as it seems "I specifically worked as a leader with the Disney Store brand. I can't speak for the cast member experience at the parks, but working at the Disney Store was by far one of the worst experiences of my entire career. While the actual job is easy for the most part (merchandising and general operations) the culture is based on how much you can kiss up to your bosses and the part-time cast members are so entitled and given so much freedom and say, that a manager cannot really manage a team as a retail team should be managed for fear of retaliation. Your basically a robot for the part-timers to control like a puppet because they are so quick to run to HR for any little issue if they don't get their way for something. It's absolutely ridiculous. Upper management, all the way to corporate leadership, are so worried about the company getting sued that they go crazy overboard with implementing policy and procedures, all the way to threatening your job for something as simple as forgetting to fully fill out a daily planner! Long-time cast members get away with everything because they know how to manipulate the system and cry discrimination just because they know the company has no real backbone and will bend to their every whim. This has led to the Disney Store employing the worst types of people, who will never leave because of the park perks, which are great but totally not worth it. These people running and most cast members working at Disney Store are total wolves in sheep's clothing if I ever saw. Magical? No way, completely corrupt and wicked. Want to sell your soul and be part of a cult? Work at Disney Store."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"Internal politics, extreme pressure to keep business alive, fear of losing your job over trivial things, hard work not recognized, need to do your job as well as those of your higher ups at less pay than most retailers, overall high stress to produce unrealistic goals"

Former Employee - Cast Member says

"Managers speak down at you, make you feel worthless and never a good word is uttered from their mouths"

Former Employee - Store Associate says

"Management are bullies they play mind games and talk about other members of cast behind their back"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"Corporate bologna 2 faced terrible politics"

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"Working here was absolutely appalling. The pressure they put on you as a student trying to make some extra money is madness. Firstly, there is a manager on every floor of the store who just stand there and basically observe to see if you’re harassing people to buy things. All they do is judge you and go on their phones WHILE ON THE SHOP FLOOR - highly unprofessional. The managers are so high and mighty it is absolutely ridiculous. Everyday there is a 15 minute briefing where you are essentially blamed for missing targets yesterday - the management act as if the whole company will fall if sales aren’t good , even when there is nobody even coming into the shop. The uniform is quite frankly ridiculous - no piercings, no tattoos visible, natural make up and hair up (like being in school). Your monitored at the till to see how much extra you bombard people to buy by marking it on a sheet. I swear majority of people also lied on these sheets. Working there was a nightmare, the training was appalling and I was constantly blamed for not doing things I wasn’t told to do or trained in. Absolutely no respect for employees Moreover, I had so much trouble requesting my tax information being sent from the company to my new job. Nobody there understands how Renevue works and kept fobbing me off on the phone . They are currently operating the payroll incorrectly according to Revenue also."

Former Employee - Cast Member says

"Pay is minimum wage. There is a computerized scheduling system that is great if you definitely need certain days and times off, but can also be a bother because many people take advantage of it to avoid opening (most labor intensive because you have to restock the floor or change schematics) or closing (late release), leaving those times for others. It also prioritizes people who have been there longer, so there can be weeks when you only get one short shift, or no hours at all. Even if you have open availability, you most likely will not get the shifts you want. And the worst part is that you’re expected to essentially be “on-call,” so say goodbye to relaxing off days. Managers are rarely helpful - a lot of them just stand around and “supervise” without lifting a finger - and since there are so many at any one store (mine had 5????), it was challenging to work because everyone had a different way of doing things. One key example I personally experienced was training with returns. The manager who trained me told me to report returns after and showed me how to check receipts, and another manager yelled at me IN FRONT OF A HUGE LINE OF CUSTOMERS because she wanted to be the one to review the receipts and process the return herself. Too much drama for no good reason. Everyone has their own agenda, and rarely agree on anything."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"They schedule you about 3 hours at a time, then when you arrive for your shift they tell you they only need you for 2...and that's if they didn't call you ahead of time and tell you not to come in at all."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Short Hour Shift Had to call same day to find out if there were available hours to work"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Once you hit 10 plus years as a cast member, they will “force” you out by any means necessary. They want the cheapest person they can hire who has no opinion. The Michigan district managers and store managers lately have no knowledge of Disney history yet they think they know more that people who been working there 5 or more years."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Your entire career with the disney store is based on how popular you are. If you work hard too provide superior guest service then you don't have time to gossip with management and you will get very little hours per week, if any at all. Management will give work to certain "cast members" while allowing others to chat with them. They love to lie to "cast members" and encourage them to lie to guests."

Sue says

"Disney store sucks because we drove 3 hours to get there, they would not let myself or my 4 year old in the store. He had a cup of water in his hand with a lid. They told us to throw it away or we could not come in the store. I couldn’t put it in a bag or my purse because they saw it. I said I wouldn’t give him any of it in the store they said no we can’t come in. We read everything about the stores we wanted to go in the mall policies etc, because of covid. Not one mention of no a water in the store. So if I made my son throw the water away, or I did it, that child would have lost his shit. So 6 hour drive total, no Disney store. Thanks ladies, you made our day. I’m not a bad mom, but I kinda wish I had thrown the water away, let him scream and cry all through the store and I would have lingered and lingered😀. I’m not a bad mom, I would never do that to my child, we kept our water and now say Disney employees are silly mad, 4 year old anger."

Retail Assistant (Part-Time) says

"Management cares for no one. Freely demeans employees and shouts in front of customers. A place where new employees are expected to know exactly what to do, and if not are made to feel diminished and depressed. Cons: Everything"

Cast Member (Former Employee) says

"The definition of unprofessional starts with the Disney store. The management is the utmost unqualified. The biased based on their judgment of who you are as a person affects your ability to work, your hours, and the company. This job is not magical. It will suck the magic out of you. You’re better off working any other Disney company."

Mhe (Former Employee) says

"Beware of people that are two faced and are under management influences. People that were on the old contract seen to disappear slowly only the years. Especially Rambo that was there for 20 years and clear is name."

Sr. Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Low salary. No advancement unless one is politically connected within the organization. Average to low benefits. Low bonus. Not an employer I would recommend"

Player Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"There is a great amount of distrust between hourly employees and management."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"it was seasonal, which I'm glad, i would not work there again. the manager and workers were rude to me AND to the customers. they did not represent the Disney name as something positive and child friendly. Havent shopped there since i stopped working there, never going back. Cons: little to no breaks, rude coworkers, only 2-5 hours a week"

Cast Member (Former Employee) says

"It doesn't matter what your knowledge is of the product, you were viewed by your appearance and immediately judged. I was never given any opportunities to improve myself as an individual and always felt like I would never be good enough. Cons: 3 hour shifts once a week and lucky to get a break on busy days."

Cast Member (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I’ve ever had. Management were the most horrible people I’ve ever met and the job itself was boring and embarrassing. Pay and contracts are terrible and there were definitely favourites in place. One member of staff used to break a lot of grooming guidelines and get away with it yet I was screamed at for wearing makeup. Uniform is terrible as well and in my store you only got one of everything. Many members of staff left due to the same issue - the manager. Never have I cried on shift at a job before until I worked here. Cons: The whole job"

Director (Former Employee) says

"all employees are dispensable. there is no loyalty to employees"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"All i ever did was clean the store, never advanced, pay was low, terrible working environment, poor hours, staff was rude and not willing to help with anything that needed to be done. Cons: short breaks, bad hours, low pay, very rude staff"

Call Center Representative (Current Employee) says

"the job is actually great, a little stressful. but i enjoy it, The team on the other hand....not so much, Very unprofessional and management does not appreciate hard work. Get pointed for family obligations, and if the computers dont load up in enough time....that is a point. no one in there that i noticed does the job according to what we were taught. its like a jr. high school. Cons: unprofessional"

Cast Member (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst job ive ever had. Staff well management is rude. They made me literally get on my hands and knees and scrub the floors then after two hours sent me home. By far the worst place to work. I have no good experiences there. They gave me little hours and treated me horrible. Cons: every aspect of this job"

Customer/Guest Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"It was a great Company to work for. The management team was very positive, I also learned a lot of Customer Service skills from this company. Cons: short breaks"

Customer Services Agent (Former Employee) says

"Fantastic learning opportunities, terrible micro management. Ok if you are looking for an in between job. Sitel push you to do one thing and then disney come in and ask for something else, typical call centre, high staff turnover. Cons: low pay no prospects"

Cast Member (Former Employee) says

"I would have enjoyed the job but the management constantly belittled me and accused me of false things. I felt bullied there and dreaded coming in every day, it was like high school and management always talked behind your back and made you feel like nothing at all. I would not recommend working here, I cried most days."

Lead Sales Associate/Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"I was there for a total of 4 years. The first year seemed great but you quickly learned that the only way to progress or earn money was through favoritism. You are either on the SM favorites list (averaging 25hrs+ per week) or her bad list (averaging 3-4hrs every other week). Working at the store has to be your #1 priority, above school and family, and when you need time off, you have to provide an extensive explanation as to why you need days off. Depending on your explanation, she’d decide whether it warranted a few days off. This place is a horrible place to work at and not worth the perks of working with the company. 100% not magical, the culture is horrible and it drains your passion away from Disney and the job. Cons: Low to no working hours, short or no breaks, favoritism oriented, no paid time off, no health benefits"

Dependiente, cajero, reponedor (Former Employee) says

"Es un trabajo muy inestable, incluso cuando eres personal indefinido. Sueldo neto de 370€ netos (411€ brutos) al mes por 15 horas, sin posibilidad de trabajar más horas, cobrar más ni de subir de categoría. Cons: Sueldo, descansos, tipo de trabajo"

Cast Member (Former Employee) says

"Staff are incredibly cliquey, everyone talks about eachother behind their backs which makes for a very toxic and unhealthy environment. This may possibly explain the incredibly high turnover rate along with the following points:"

Cast Member (Former Employee) says

"The company itself is a magical place, truly encompasses the vision that Disney wants, however its higher management needs to take a look at their lower branch managers."

Cast Member (Former Employee) says

"They don't give you the training you need, and exaggerate how hard the job is. Whilst the benefits are good, if your face doesn't fit management bully you making it more stressful than it needs to be, to the point of forcing you out. I even had to raise an official complaint with the head office due to my treatment and I know I am not alone. Personally I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. refuse to even set door"

Ralph says

"DONT BUY FROM THIS SITE! I ordered an action figure on the online store. The website specifically says,"shipped 5-7 business days". A week passes before I contact customer service. I asked how much longer until the item ships with tracking. She informs me it will be 3-4 WEEKS. My order hasnt even finished processing yet and is still "in progress" status. They tell me they wont refund my money because it was processed, WHICH IT HAS NOT. Dont order from this site if you actually want what you paid for, and customer service is worthless. Multi billion dollar company and they wont refund my $25. Nice."

Jolene Mcgroary says

"Bought the Cinderella horse and carriage before Christmas paid £60 And it doesn’t even work thought it was the batteries but just tried to change them still doesn’t work daughter is upset and we feel like it was such a waste of money !"

Julie Vetrov says

"Poor customer service if you live outside the US. Be wary of extra charges when ordering from their website. Will not be ordering from them ever again."

Julie Parr says

"Ordered 2 Large Mickey mouses...only one arrived......so will have to send it back as I can't give one child and leave the other without...Will never order from here again"

Tom says

"Placed an order on November 25th that was due to arrive on Dec 3rd and still nothing. I have contacted them several times and no response. Just been on their live chat for over an hour in a queue of over 20 people, then it just went offline with no message to waiting customers. Clearly they just head home for the day and don't care about customers who have been waiting a long time to speak with them. Im a shocked at the customer experience. Zero respect for all the people waiting for Christmas orders who don't know where they stand a week before Christmas. I'd expect alot more from a brand like this."

Graham Pritchard ... 3659789 says

"Placed an order with Disney store for a week it was saying processed but no shipping email So contacted Disney customer services everyday after tried web chat first you wait ages to talk to someone and 50% of the time they ignore you, so found phone number and rang everyday again you wait about 40-60 minutes for an answer then you get someone who fobs you off saying it will be sent today this happened 5 days on the run and still not sent ,you ask for refund and they will make excuse after excuse and will not refund you After all this time still not shipped and Disney store don’t care For such a big company they are not very customer friendly and will try and take your money and not send you goods IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE DISNEY STORE PLEASE DON’T IT WILL JUST CAUSE YOU A LOT OF STRESS TRUST ME I SUFFER WITH A BAD HEART AND DEALING WITH DISNEY STORE THE STRESS HAD MADE ME ILL I am never going to use Disney store online or shop ever again I’m so angry with company I’m cancelling Disney plus as well"

Kelly Uiterwijk says

"I bought a real moves Baby Yoda and I paid 70 dollars shipping costs, because I live in The Netherlands. No problem because I knew my son would love it. So i thought it was the perfect christmas gift. The item arrived broken. I contacted them and they promised me a refund. It would just take two weeks for the refund to arrive. After two weeks I still didn't get my refund. They told me they would process my refund manually and it would take to 3-5 days. After again two weeks still no refund, so I mailed them again. They didn't respond to my mail, so I made a claim on paypal. Then they contacted me and told me to call this US number to confirm my card number?! I don't have a credit card and I paid with Paypal. I told them I couldn't call them because I am in The Netherlands and I don't speak English very well. What's the problem you promised me a refund twice before. Now I don't have money to buy another christmas present (this one is broken) for my son, because they don't give the 130 dollars back, which they promised me twice."

Nicola says

"Took my money for order no confirmation email so rang up no trace of order yet money gone out of account rang up 3 times no help whatsoever emailed them now had to ring bank and try for them to get my money back terrible customer service"

Ricky says

"Expensive order thrown over back gate, in the rain which led to the box being damaged and contents becoming damaged/wet. It took over a week for every reply I had to send which meant the birthday the presents were brought for was missed. After two weeks all they said was that I could send the faulty items back and give me free delivery next time. They also said they can’t replace them as ‘most’ of the items are out of stock. I checked straight away and all but one were in stock. As I bought them in a ‘sale’ I think they wanted me to pay full price to reorder them. All they could do was offer free delivery next time, sorry but there won’t be a next time for me! Being such a big brand name I assumed customer service should have been much better but I was so so wrong!"

Mike kslam says

"Purchased some items online for daughters birthday, in Order To get a call from Micky on the day of her birthday, it never happened, sent multiple text messages as prompted on day by Disney. Nothing!!! Did live chat with them day after, said they will try again (day after birthday) conversation seems to suggest they did not care. Won’t be using them again in a hurry."

Alf says

"A terrible, terrible reflection on the Disney corporation. They’ve tried to setup up a direct to consumer offering but don’t care about their customers, don’t care about the service, don’t care about shipping or giving their customers that ‘Disney feeing’ - they basically don’t care. If you manage to order and have no queries or issues with your purchase, your experience will be fine I’m sure. If you have to deal with their customer services team though - forget it. I can assure you you will never buy from them directly again. I beg of any parent that reads this - please buy from another retailer even if it costs slightly more. Don’t invest in their direct offering until they start acting like a multi billion dollar corporation and put their customers first!"

Joanne Parkes says

"Wish I read this before ordering my parcel is lost and no one is answering my emails I have reported it to PayPal so hopefully will get my money back what’s happened to Disney once trusted"

lee says

"UPDATED: DISNEY STORE ONLINE IS A DISGRACE. If your order goes wrong then good luck, you’ll need it! It’s now 19/11 and I’m no further forward with getting the item that I actually ordered or Disney making the return of the wrong item any easier. They have now cancelled my original order and left me with the unwanted item and out of pocket. Fraudsters! I will be contacting trading standards and hoping that others who have had a bad experience will also report them for their poor service and clear breach of the Consumer Rights Act! I’ll stick to actual reputable companies from now on and ensure that others are aware of the Disney magic I received!!! BEWARE IF SOMEBODY ELSE IS BUYING AS A GIFT ESPECIALLY WITH MORE PEOPLE DOING SO DUE TO THE PANDEMIC. After over 20 years of being a loyal Disney store customer I can honestly say that I will never buy from them again. What used to be the best company for customer service is now nothing more than a joke! Two days ago I received my parcel, I ordered 3 T-shirt’s for my daughter paid for by my mum as they are presents. One T-shirt sent was the wrong item (must be blind to confuse high school musical and Darth Vader). I understand mistakes happen but trying to get what should be a simple exchange completed is impossible. 4/11- I called guest services to be told that they need to speak with the card holder, I don’t understand why as I only wanted an exchange not a refund and the item was sent to me and emails also. After trying for ten minutes I was refused help even though it was Disney’s mistake! My mum then called, was advised how to return other item and told a replacement had been ordered already. I then called again as instructions to return were confusing and they also hadn’t bothered to put a packing slip in the parcel. I got through to a lovely man who understood that my mum couldn’t be in the same room as we are currently in lockdown! He advised me to return the parcel to a local drop off shop and said to only do so if I wasn’t breaking covid laws and felt safe to do so. He said that the replacement T-shirt had already been ordered and would be with me in about 10 days and that I could return the wrong item at any time, even in a few weeks. 06/11- I received an email from another member of Disney who said that as soon as I had organised the return and they had received it then my other item would be dispatched. I tried calling again and yet again was asked if my mum was with me as we had paid with her card! I had to explain lockdown and he hung up on me whilst he was supposed to be asking a so called supervisor if he could speak with me. My mum is currently on the phone trying to sort this mess out which should be such a simple transaction. On hold for the third time and 35 minutes later. I was going to review after things were sorted but I want others to be aware that a company that used to have the most amazing service are now terrible. Guess that’s the Disney magic! As it stands I can either return all three T-shirt’s or send the one wrong top back and pay £20 with postage for a single top that was part of a deal and only £12 as part of that deal."

Sophie says

"I ordered items online just so I could get one of the 'free' keys ('free' if you spend £20 minimum). However the key never arrived. It was listed on my order form but it wasn't in the box. There was however a random piece of tissue paper, which makes me think it was removed. I raised the issue with Disney who then told me it was now out of stock and all they could offer me was free delivery for my next order. Which means I am now missing out on an item because of someone else's error."

Elaine Frankland says

"Giant plush Minnie arrived personalised with someone else’s name! Returns seem simple enough but I’d rather have had a replacement."

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